Medical Billing a great tool for starting a home-based business and it doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Our proprietary medical billing software package has been developed and tested for over ten years in the industry so we make it affordable to you.

Medical Billing Software
Only $299.00 Includes:

- HIPAA Compliant Claim Submission Software
- Certified Clearinghouse Affiliation
- Free Support and System Upgrades
- Business Startup and Promotional Assistance
- Complete course on how to start and run a
   home-based medical billing business.

When starting a home-based billing center, you need reliable medical billing software but you also need the guidance and support to succeed in this competitive and lucrative industry.

Our ten year proven track record and well-tested marketing and promotion methods have helped countless students break into the business and begin successful billing careers.

Start your own home-based billing center today! Use our proven medical billing software and easy step by step course to begin your career in this recession-proof industry.

If you are seeking higher paying employment, medical billing software and training will give you the knowledge and skills to work in a doctor's office or hosptial billing center.


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